Nonprofit Organization Law in Warwick, NY, Serving the Hudson Valley Area

The legal needs of Nonprofit Organizations are truly unique because they operate to a large degree within a completely different regulatory environment which is often misunderstood. Adding to this confusion, especially in the State of New York, are the different rules which apply to a Nonprofit Organization depending on whether it was formed under the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, the NYS Education Law, the laws of another state, as a subsidiary or branch of a parent organization by grant of a Charter, or one of a multitude of other ways. In each instance, the applicable rules and compliance issues are different.

Nonprofit Organizations are mission-driven. This means that in everything they do, the organization needs to evaluate how a given decision or activity fits within the purpose or mission of the Organization. To the extent that the organization ignores this mandate, it potentially jeopardizes its funding, its immunity from liability, its tax-exempt status (if applicable), and in extreme circumstances, even its continued existence.

We pride ourselves on our expertise with Nonprofit Organizations and truly enjoy working with people who are trying to help their communities.